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Conditions des pistes de vélo

Versant du Lac
7 / 12 Pistes ouvertes
Versant du Village
13 / 20 Pistes ouvertes
Remontées mécaniques
2 / 2 Remontées mécaniques ouvertes
Détails des conditions de vélo >
Mise à jour : 16 juin 2019 à 6h34.

Infos météo

Bonne saison de vélo à tous !

Infos météo

En ce moment à la station
12 °C Bruine Possible
Demain matin
14°C Faibles Passages Nuageux
Tomorrow afternoon
18°C Faibles Passages Nuageux
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23 ways to have fun

Did you know that one entrance = 23 ways to have fun! 

Water slides

Make the most of your summer with our 4 heated pools (constant 80°F/26°C temperature) and 13 slides of varying thrill levels. You’ll also get the chance to try our new slide: El Barracuda!

Alpine luge

With your season pass, you also get access to 2 bobsleigh-style downhill runs, featuring 2 levels of difficulty:

Easy “Tortue”
Very difficult “Lièvre”

Biking experience

One of the many benefits of our season pass is the free introduction to mountain biking. Try your skills with all necessary equipment on our initiation trail, the 21:

1 bike rental
1 helmet
1 set of knees and elbow pads

Only the Biking Experience’s specialize equipment (bikes and protections) are allowed for this activity.

You must wear an appropriate outfit for this activity: closed sports shoes (no water shoes) and clothing including shorts and t-shirt (swimsuits are not accepted).

Chairlift rides

For an enjoyable aerial excursion and a panoramic view of the region, take a chairlift ride. It’s the perfect way to end your day!


Still want more? Enjoy our magnificent landscape by hiking the mountain. This activity will entertain the whole family.


23 good reasons to buy your season pass and enjoy everything we have to offer! 

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