This Thursday, discover the group Random Recipe at the Thursdays Live Shows. Plus, attend Ariane Moffatt's show with Choses Sauvages as the first part, this Saturday at the very first Après-Ski! 
January 21 : We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village. Note a late opening for the other slope sides and for the parking lot P5, at 9:30 am. 
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 3h21

Ski conditions

Open trails during the day and planned to open
81 / 110
Open trails during the night and planned to open
57 / 91
Open glades during the day and planned to open
11 / 31
Open glades during the night and planned to open
5 / 13
Ski conditions are amazing! We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village and as of 9:30 am for the other slope sides plus the parking lot P5.
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 8h22.

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Weather report

Surface : Packed powder
Base : Firm
Coverage : Complete
Snowfall 24 h : 0 cm
Snowfall 48 h : 5 cm
Snowfall 7 days : 39 cm
Snowfall season : 147 cm

Weather report

Right now at the station
-19 °C Clear
This afternoon
-11°C Mostly Cloudy
This evening
-11°C Mostly Cloudy
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The SnowPrks

The Snowprks and their new assets

The SnowPrk Principal

This is the big news at the parks this season. A brand new track erected this summer! An alpine park of over 700 meters with continuous modules: the longest in the region! This was made possible through a complete redevelopment of the Brossard, giving more room for jumps, as well as its sequence in the new section of the Candiac. Perfect for intermediaries and advanced: a line adapted for these two levels is set up.

In the Brossard SnowPrk, find 3 jumps of 20, 25 and 30 feet. Dedicated specially to SnowPrks experts! There are also 2 modules, one medium and one large. In the Candiac SnowPrk, it is perfect for those who are used to it. With its 19 modules and 2 jumps, between intermediaries and experts, everyone can create their own course and develop their capacities. These two snow parks, back to back, allow you to be creative on a course that claims to be unconventional. The main SnowPrk will be a must for all fans this winter!

Number of features: 21 modules and 5 jumps
Location: Trails Brossard and Candiac, at the Versant du Village (access by the Bromont)
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Evolving SnowPrk

It is characterized by semi-progression, with medium and large modules. It’s aimed at people who are already comfortable and allows them to develop new tricks. With a gentler slope that lets riders go back up on foot so that they can maximize the number of runs! With two circuits, a medium and an advanced, choose between the 3 progressive modules and 2 more advanced modules. It’s the perfect preparation for the SnowPrk Principal!

It’s also where the “Session du Coach” will be taking place during the Nuits Blanches events: the zone will be modified over the weeks and sessions. This concept really allows us to go further in providing you with more creative obstacles and modules which you won’t find in a conventional park.

Number of features: 5 (3 progressive and 2 more advanced)
Location: Trail St-Jean, at the Versant du Village (access by the Mystic or Bedford)
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Progressive SnowPrk

Located between Vancouver and Medicine Hat, this SnowPrk is the ideal playground for those who want to learn or progress. Completely redesigned this year, it now offers everything you need to improve your technique in a snow park. Separated into two lines: a new series of three consecutive beginner jumps (6, 12 and 15 feet), as well as a series of various "Box" modules. It is, therefore, possible for everyone to have the experience of a park since this area is entirely dedicated to introduction and progression. You can get started without fear in our improved progression park.

Number of features: 10 modules and 3 jumps
Location: Trail Calgary, at the Versant des Cantons (access by Vancouver or Calgary trails)
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Fun Slope SnowPrk

Note: this snow park is not yet open

Explore new horizons while riding on the other side of the mountain. A concept that comes straight from our European friends. A creation offering a unique experience that mixes snow obstacles, streamlined turns and modules. This all-level obstacle course is perfect for the entire family. An area where fun is guaranteed and mostly, accessible to everyone.

Number of features:
Location: Piste San Francisco, on the West Coast Slope (access from the Orlando or Pebble Beach tracks)
Level: Beginner to intermediate


The Experience Zone

Because there is no age to jump into the world of snow parks! This park is intended for toddlers or those who are initiated to winter sports. This is the perfect initiation for those wishing to try out first modules. You can venture there without fear and feel the feeling of taking off from the ground. Discover the pleasant experience of snow parks with confidence, even on your second day of skiing!

Number of features: 6 (4 "boxes" and 2 jumps)
Location: Trail Victoriaville, at Mont Soleil
Level: Initiation and beginner