This Thursday, come to see Random Recipe during the Thursday Live Shows! Plus, attend the show of Ariane Moffatt and Choses Sauvages, this Saturday, for the first Après-ski.  
January 21 : We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village. Note a late opening for the other slope sides and for the parking lot P5, at 9:30 am. 
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 3h21

Ski conditions

Open trails during the day and planned to open
81 / 110
Open trails during the night and planned to open
57 / 91
Open glades during the day and planned to open
11 / 31
Open glades during the night and planned to open
5 / 13
Ski conditions are amazing! We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village and as of 9:30 am for the other slope sides plus the parking lot P5.
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 9h02.

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Weather report

Surface : Packed powder
Base : Firm
Coverage : Complete
Snowfall 24 h : 0 cm
Snowfall 48 h : 5 cm
Snowfall 7 days : 39 cm
Snowfall season : 147 cm

Weather report

Right now at the station
-18 °C Partly Cloudy
This afternoon
-12°C Partly Cloudy
This evening
-11°C Mostly Cloudy
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Snow park ground rules

  • Inverted manoeuvres are prohibited in Quebec.
  • All users must wear a helmet in all of Quebec’s snow parks.
  • You must always choose features that correspond to your skill level and know your limits.
  • Your trick’s success depends on your approach, including factors such as speed, balance, and position before takeoff.
  • Weather conditions change constantly throughout the day, so you must adapt your technique and position accordingly. If the run is icy, you will go faster; if the weather is warm and sunny, the snow will be stickier and slow you down.

Bromont, montagne d'expériences’s snow parks adhere to the Smart Style Freestyle Terrain Safety Initiative. Adopt a Smart Style !

Make a plan

  • Have a plan for each feature you are going to use. Your speed and takeoff will directly affect your manoeuvre and landing.
  • Visualize your manoeuvre before you drop.

Always look before you drop

  • Throughout the day, inspect the modules before using them.
  • Wait your turn, make sure the run is clear before you drop, and always clear the landing area quickly.

Respect the features and other users

  • Respect the features, the other users, the park rangers, the countain Code of conduct, and the signage.
  • Respect breeds respect.

Take it easy

  • Warm up, start with small features, and progress at your own pace.
  • Perform manoeuvres that match your skill level, stay in control, and take lessons to improve. .

ATML Model

Manoeuvres can be better understood when analyzed according to four stages.


In this step, you must adjust your speed, balance, and position, and visualize the trick you are going to perform.


Your takeoff is crucial to successfully completing a trick. You must be in the right position to reach a trajectory that corresponds to the height of the jump.


This is where you can be creative, while carefully controlling your movements in the air and aligning yourself with the landing area.


Land softly, feet first, in the first third of the landing area and quickly clear the way for the next rider.