This Thursday, come to see Random Recipe during the Thursday Live Shows! Plus, attend the show of Ariane Moffatt and Choses Sauvages, this Saturday, for the first Après-ski.  
January 21 : We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village. Note a late opening for the other slope sides and for the parking lot P5, at 9:30 am. 
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 3h21

Ski conditions

Open trails during the day and planned to open
81 / 110
Open trails during the night and planned to open
57 / 91
Open glades during the day and planned to open
11 / 31
Open glades during the night and planned to open
5 / 13
Ski conditions are amazing! We are open as of 8:30 am with the Versant du Village and as of 9:30 am for the other slope sides plus the parking lot P5.
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Updated : January 21st, 2020 at 8h42.

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Weather report

Surface : Packed powder
Base : Firm
Coverage : Complete
Snowfall 24 h : 0 cm
Snowfall 48 h : 5 cm
Snowfall 7 days : 39 cm
Snowfall season : 147 cm

Weather report

Right now at the station
-18 °C Clear
This afternoon
-12°C Mostly Cloudy
This evening
-11°C Partly Cloudy
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FAQ Snowprk

Helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the priorities of the Bromont, montagne d'expériences SnowPrks ?

  • To promote best practices in freestyle among riders and democratize access to our SnowPrk.
  • To offer diversity and a wide range of infrastructures in order to cater to the skill levels of the greatest number of people.
  • To offer a variety of parks on various hillsides in order to reduce traffic and allow even more people to enjoy the mountain.


Why no XL features ?

Since the creation of the XL park in 20005, the number of park pass holders has consistently dropped each season.
Given that these infrastructures require major investments, we opted to continue offering snow parks, but decided to focus on making them more accessible.
Jumps rated “Large” offer a sharper approach angle and a longer landing area, allowing more experienced riders to get more amplitude, while other users can continue learning at their own pace.


What are Bromont, montagne d'expériences's goals when it comes to snowmaking ?

Bromont, montagne d'expériences's main goal is to provide optimal snow conditions across all of its runs to ensure an enjoyable experience for the largest number of skiers and snowboarders possible.
With Mother Nature's cooperation (e.g. mild temperatures), we plan on having all parks fully functional by mid-January.


When will the snow parks are ready ?

As soon as the season opens, we plan on offering terrain parks in the St-Armand and St-Ignace runs at the bottom of the mountain so riders can start brushing up on their skills.


Will there be more jumps this year ?

Yes, the goal is to offer riders more opportunities to take air in all of our snow parks. But these infrastructures require more snowmaking, so let's hope we get enough cold weather to produce the snow we need.


Will there be different parks catering to riders of different skill levels ?

Bromont, montagne d'expériences wants to support the progression of as many riders as possible. Our snow parks are designed with this goal in mind, which is why you will find jumps and ramps of different levels of difficulty (small, medium and large).
Experience zone, in the St-Ignace trail, have perfect jumps and rails to learn the basis of this sport.


Where are the snow parks be located ?

To know the location of the various snow parks, look for the snow park designations at the entrance of each run.

Versant du Village :

  • Saint-Ignace
  • Saint-Armand
  • Brossard
  • Saint-Hubert


Will a run for beginners be used as a snow park ?


Experience zone, in St-Ignace trail on the Versant du Village, is a beginner park where you can learn freestyle.


Are there collision risks due to riders stopping at dangerous places ?

All skiers and snowboarders using a ski resort must follow the Skier's Code and freestylers must observe the Smart Style code of conduct.
To avoid all risks, we are taking the following safety measures :

  • Proper signage will be posted at the entrance of all snow parks.
  • The level of difficulty of each feature will be indicated.
  • A team of Park Rangers will be onsite every day to raise awareness of best freestyle practices among riders.


How often are the parks groomed ?

  • All snow parks will be mechanically and manually groomed on a weekly basis.
  • Adjustments and/or modifications will be made every month.
  • Our team of Park Rangers will be there to make sure the snow parks are safe and functional.
  • Every week, you can find out the ski conditions of the snow parks by visiting our Website at Park Report section.