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Updated : August 22nd, 2019 at 9h52

Bike trails conditions

Versant du Lac
5 / 8 Opened trails
Versant du Village
15 / 17 Opened trails
1 / 2 Opened Chairlifts
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Updated : August 23rd, 2019 at 2h32.

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Weather report

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12 °C Partly Cloudy
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12°C Partly Cloudy
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18°C Partly Cloudy
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Terrain-Based Learning

Our Terrain-Based Learning (TBL) station is an area for novice skiers and snowboarders of all ages made up of experimentation stations built out of snow, promoting a natural and smooth progression.


Step one: Mini Half-Pipe

In this u-shaped module, skiers and boarders improve balance and develop glide control.


Step two: Undulations

Small moguls help develop stability in a natural and dynamic way, while controlling speed.


Third step: Inclined turns

 A series of gently tilting turns help develop direction changes and sequential turning.