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Updated : August 22nd, 2019 at 9h52

Bike trails conditions

Versant du Lac
5 / 8 Opened trails
Versant du Village
15 / 17 Opened trails
1 / 2 Opened Chairlifts
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Updated : August 23rd, 2019 at 2h10.

Weather report

Have a good bike season !

Weather report

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18°C Partly Cloudy
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Parent zone

Ski School newsletter presented by Rossignol

Throughout the season, the Ski School will send out news, in French only.

The Info-Parents newsletter contains information regarding activities such as parents’ meetings, photos, student progress monitoring, Carnival, registration, promotions, and much more.


Student progress monitoring

The Ski School’s main goal is for each child to improve and reach their full potential over the course of the season. This is why we make every effort to offer your children personalized instruction, which enables them to develop their ski or snowboard skills and helps them to progress at their own pace.

To promote individual development, a rigorous student progress monitoring system has been established over the years. The team in charge is onsite throughout the 8-week programs to ensure that the process runs smoothly. You may meet with them onsite or during parents’ meetings.

The beginning, middle, and end of the 8-week program are the key phases in our student progress monitoring process.

Beginning (weeks 1-2) : The team will be onsite to swiftly make any changes required to groups to make them more efficient and functional.

Middle (weeks 3-4) : The team will be onsite to guide instructors in terms of their teaching approach and to ensure that each student is developing as per their potential.

End (weeks 6-7) : The team will advise instructors and help them prepare a report on the progress of their students. An account of this step in progress monitoring will be given out during week 8.


Details on the tots program

Goals and exercises

If you’d like to know the exercises practised to get ready for the final show, check out the calendar.

See the calendar

Drawings of the week

Week 1 : The dolphin

Week 2 : The shark

Week 3 : The hippocampus

Week 4 : The octopus

Week 5 : The turtle

Week 6 : The crab

Week 7 : The starfish

Week 8 :  The mermaid

Winter 2018-2019 thematic song


Group Pictures


The 2018-2019 pictures are now ready. For more details, click here


Beginning of lessons

Welcoming program for the first week of the group lessons

  1. Present yourself to Bromont, montagne d’expériences at least 45 minutes before the beginning of the course.

  2. Agents will be based at the landing area as well as in the P1 parking lot, to welcome and give information such as the name of your instructor, the stake number corresponding to the meeting point for the departure of the group lesson. Another team of agents will be based at the bottom of the slopes of the Mont Soleil, near the group lesson stakes and will also be able to point out information.

  3. The meeting for the group lesson start is at the exact location identified with the corresponding number of your child’s group.

Location of the stakes meant for group lesson: at the bottom of the Mont Soleil, next to the Daycare.

When: 15 minutes prior to the departure of the group.

Pratical info

Ticket office

To ensure that group lessons run smoothly and start on time, we suggest you go to the ticket office at least 30 minutes before the lesson begins to allow for enough time to purchase a lift ticket.


First week of group lessons

Please arrive at Ski Bromont at least 45 minutes before the lesson begins.

Someone will be at the drop-off area in the P1 parking lot to welcome you and steer you in the right direction.

When you arrive, please ask this person for the meeting point for your child’s lesson and the instructor’s name.

To obtain a lift ticket, you must go to the ticket office before the lesson begins.

The meeting point for the lesson will be in front of the post with the group number on it.

Location : At the base of Mont Soleil, in front of the drop-in daycare.

When : 15 minutes before the lesson’s start time.


Beginning of lessons

Lessons for the 8-week program will begin on time (according to the big clock located at the Main Chalet) even if there is a student missing.

Therefore, it is recommended that children arrive at the post, ready to ski, ten minutes before the lesson is set to begin.


Late arrivals

If a student is late, there is a procedure in place to incorporate the child into their group as quickly as possible:

  • Go to the yellow “Looking for your group” sign located in front of the group meeting posts
  • For 20 minutes after the group has left, someone will be there to help
  • The instructor will check in at this meeting point after the first descent has been completed
  • If the student arrives after the instructor has passed, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to find the child’s group


Cancellation and postponing lessons

If you are unsure whether or not a lesson will take place due to weather conditions, there are two ways to check:

Call our weather line at 450-534-2200 or 1-866 276-6668, press 4 (school), then 1 (information). The telephone message will be updated at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

A banner of alert will be put on the homepage of the website from 7:00 am in case of postponement of ski lessons.

If a lesson is cancelled by the Ski School, it will be postponed to the end of the program, which will therefore finish one week later.