The Water Park has a wild side in the forest’s undergrowth. Are you ready for it ?

Corde à Tarzan

Experience what it’s like to be the man of the jungle and brave the corde à Tarzan. Let out your best scream and jump as you let go of the rope or let out a roar on the Chariot de Cheetah, a 5-m-high zip line. After these two activities, you’ll be able to call yourself the king of the jungle !

Corde à Tarzan au Parc aquatique


Trompe d’éléphant

The trompe d’éléphant is a slide for the brave. It is extremely fast and pitch black inside the slide. At the bottom, you’ll emerge from the trunk into broad daylight with a 1-m drop into the pond.

Trompe d'éléphant au Parc aquatique Bromont


Rivière Congo

Feel the rhythm of Africa by hurtling down the Rivière Congo. You can choose a single or double tube, so you can slide by yourself or with a friend. This slide features a string of turns, like a snake slithering through the forest. Fun and laughter guaranteed!


Grand Canyon

Take on the Grand Canyon to round off your adventure. This slide will take you through rapids, from pool to pool. Don’t get too comfy as you’ll have to grab hold of the vines to make your way down.

Grand Canyon - glissade sur tube au Parc aquatique Bromont