As winter approaches, the excitement is building ! We all have the same thing in mind : have plenty of fun on the slopes and enjoy ski season to the max. Last season, you gave us your feedback in several surveys, and we listened. Always responsive to your needs, we have given priority to great changes in our investments around 1,5 million to improve your adventure here with us and make sure your experience this winter is the most enjoyable ever.


Chairlift upgrade

The main cable for chairlift 4 of the Versant du Village will be completely replaced in order to improve its operational efficiency and reduce the number of stops that occur. The client lineup system will also be reorganized in an effort to try to provide you with faster access to the chairs.


Expansion of Chalet du Lac

The Versant du Lac Chalet is getting a facelift! Its capacity will be significantly increased with the addition of 100 seats - that’s 20% more than the original 550 places previously available. The renovations will also make it possible to expand the kitchen by increasing the food preparation area where orders are served and adding new lockers for greater storage space.


More snowmaking equipment

For the coming season, our priority is to ensure a fast and effective snowmaking operation. To this end, we have added 25 new ultra-efficient snow guns to our arsenal. They will be in use when the season starts to make sure the first 3 main trails – Brome, Knowlton and Bromont – can open as soon as possible. Plus, 4 new fans have been added. They will be placed at strategic locations around the mountain during peak snowmaking periods. Finally, a fixed snowmaking system has been installed on the San Francisco trail of the Versant Côte Ouest to serve the new Snowprk.


Prk Report

2 new Snowprks, made for beginners to learn and progress, will be built as soon as the snow coverage permits :

- in the Calgary trails of the Versant des Cantons
- in the San Francisco trail of the Versant de la Côte Ouest

Featuring mostly boxes, both Snowprks will let riders learn the basics of freestyle and progress at their own pace. Given the length of the San Francisco trail, the ride down will be very accessible at the start and offer a few challenges near the end.

The Experience Zone at Mont Soleil will be enhanced and expanded between the Victoriaville and Bécancour trails. This learning area is perfect for children; for example, it has very easy 6-inch features. It will also include a run with built-in snow features to get them ready for the Modular Station Learning zone.

To ensure the safety of both experts and beginners, the 3 Snowprks of the Versant du Village – Brossard, St-Armand and St-Hubert – will be reserved for riders who already have a certain level of skill. It aims at securing interactions between experts and beginners.


Expansion of the Ski School slope

We will be diverting the Victoriaville trail at the base to expand the Ski School slope by 20 %. The goal is to have more space for the various features of the Modular Learning Station. Each step will be bigger, better and able to accommodate more learners.


Installation of webcams

Webcams will be set up at the base of chairlifts #3 and #4 on the Versant du Village, chairlift #5 on the Versant du Lac and chairlift #6 on the Versant des Épinettes. They’re great for checking weather conditions and traffic on the slopes, in real time.


« Bromont Benefits » program

We’ve improved our exclusive offers to season pass holders. As a season pass holder, you’ll now have access to a full range of VIP events : preseason training, first track days, groomer rides, guided tours of the mountain and even a special skiing day just for you. You’ll also still enjoy a whole host of special discounts from our partners and at our onsite service locations : Boutique, Rental Shop, Repair Shop, Rrestaurants, Ski School and more. This means you can save on certain lessons from the Ski School, equipment rental, equipment tune-up packages, day tickets for friends and drinks at our various food locations.


We wish you all a great ski season and look forward to seeing you on the slopes !