You made it to the ski resort ! You have your boots, skis, poles or board. But wait… aren’t you forgetting something ? Yes, your helmet ! Focusing on safety has become second nature for skiers and boarders now. Hitting the slopes without a helmet is like skiing naked, not to mention the risks this entails.

On the trails

Now, the whole family skis safely. You’re always careful of skiers coming down the slope and everyone keeps their helmet on. Yes, even if your head itches and even when it’s hot. It’s a small price to pay to stay in one piece !

After an accident-free day on the hill, you pack up the car and head home. Your warm, cozy house awaits. But something happens and you slam on the brakes. Your skis and poles come flying toward the windshield, while a snowboard hits your passenger. Not a great way to end the weekend…

On the road

There are many ways to prevent such accidents. You can start by asking about locker rentals at the ski centre. You can rent a locker for the season and safely store your equipment there. You’ll prevent damage to your car and save time and effort.

You can also consider a cargo carrier (e.g. Thule) to transport all your ski and boarding equipment on the roof of your car. You can choose a ski rack or a cargo box. Your drive home will be risk- and mess-free.

And if you find the cargo box to be too cumbersome during the summer, just use it to store your gear as you wait for winter.