A brand new program with the most original themes, including an evening signed by Igloofest, screenings in collaboration with IF3, a Rally across the 7 slope sides, the Giant Slide from Bad Santa 2, various trials Pyeongchang Olympic Games style and an evening at the Sugar shack !

During each of the nuits blanches, various elements are not to be missed: artists at la Débarque as of 9 pm. Among the featured artists, Édouard Lagacé (from The Voice Quebec), Jacques Jacobus (Radio Radio), One Love Project, Annie in the Water and many more. Outdoor DJ until 11 pm., they will definitely surprise you. Outdoor fireplace, marshmallows and an HYGGE atmosphere. The team from Empire will be back with various partners who will be thrilled to make you discover the very best of sliding sports. Labatt is putting forward extravagant runs with their ambassadors dressed up in LIGHT suits and musical backpacks. Several new features, but quite a few comebacks such as the Zone Défi and the Sessions of the Coach ! Evenings you obviously won’t want to miss !