Choosing a new pair of skis can be a daunting task, given the wide assortment of models and colours available out there.  How can you know if you need on-piste, powder or all-mountain skis ? The good news is that ski manufacturers offer many different models to meet everyone’s needs. It’s important to take the time to find the perfect fit for you. This is why we organize ski demo days throughout the season so you can test them, free of charge, before you buy.

On-piste skis

Designed for groomed, hard or icy terrain, on-piste skis are relatively narrow underfoot (at the waist) with a deeper sidecut to slice up tough snow. They are often engineered using technology developed for race skis. Many models now feature a small rocker at the tip to facilitate turn initiation. They are available for all levels, from beginner to expert. Rossignol offers the Hero line, Pursuit line and Unique line (for women).


Powder skis

These skis are made to “float” over deep snow, for a surf-like feel. They have a relatively deep rocker at the tip and tail for better buoyancy. They’re also very large underfoot and at the tip to maximize the flotation surface. Powder skis are categorized by width not by skier level. The larger they are, the better their performance in deep snow.

Rossignol has made a name for itself with its Series 7 skis, particularly the Soul 7, affectionately dubbed “cheater skis.”


All-mountain skis

All-mountain skis are a cross between on-piste and powder skis. They’re perfect for people who want a single pair of skis for all types of terrain: groomed, moguls glades or off-piste. They differ in terms of waist width and the wide range of models available for all levels – from beginner to expert. Their all-terrain rocker technology is not as deep as that of powder skis. All-mountain skis rank among the most popular in Quebec. The Rossignol Experience and Temptation lines have revolutionized skiing by making learning and progressing so much easier. Plus, its high-end models have been a godsend for skiers looking for versatility and performance.

Freestyle skis

Freestyle skis are for snowboard enthusiasts. Their distinctive feature involves a curved tip and tail. These “twin tips,” as they are called, let you ski backwards, which is super useful when initiating or landing a trick in either direction. They’re both flexible and resistant, making them suited to rails, boxes and jumps. The Scratch line by Rossignol is great for intermediate and expert skiers who want to practise advanced tricks.


Making the right choice

When it comes time to buy your skis, be sure to get advice from professionals. They can guide you to the product you need based on your level, ski habits and preferred terrain. If you’re still unsure, drop by for a visit on any of our demo days to try out different pairs. Getting a feel for them on the slopes will help you know for sure.