“Once upon a time, in the Cantons forest, a group of animals loved to play hide-and-seek in the glades. One of them, Grizzly the Black Bear, still hasn’t been found. His friends Tom, Zoe, Lola, Max, and Remi need help to find him…”

And so begins the exciting adventure on the Versant des Cantons !

At the bottom of chairlift 9, curious visitors are invited to play the game all the way up the hill and get to know each character.

Tom the Racoon : we could define him as the group’s “hipster” with his refined character: he is curious, an avid music fan, his fur is always well groomed, and he never goes out without his hat. His small belly and love for potato chips reveal his “foodie” side.

Zoe the Owl : As the crew’s oldest member, she is wise and ever so optimistic. She loves to read books all night and is easily recognizable by her colourful and fuzzy look. Don’t tell anyone but one of her little weaknesses is drinking a good hot chocolate topped with whipped cream after skiing…  

Remi the Porcupine : First a big fan of eating soup, he also has a smart side to him with his cool, geeky glasses and the time he spends playing video games on his tablet. But don’t be fooled, he is also a great climber and has incredible balance !

Max the Deer : he likes to think of himself as the crew’s “coolest” member with his sporty and athletic vibe. When he is not busy playing soccer with his top-level team, his favourite hobbies are running in the woods and skateboarding.

Lola the Fox : A perfect balance between the body and mind, she is clever and smart, both slender and swift. Feeling stylish in and proud of her beautiful red fur, she loves to drink cherry slushies and go shopping whenever she can !

Grizzly the Black Bear : despite his strength and big stature, he is very friendly and sociable—he is like a big brother to all the other friends. He likes playing hide-and-seek in the forest and glades. Not a day goes by without him snacking on a cookie, regardless of the kind, and you’ll never see him without his red lumberjack scarf.


In fact, Grizzly disappeared playing hide-and-seek. You must help find him.

The path starts at the top of chairlift 9—arrows down the Calgary trail must be followed to discover the entrance of the “Grizzly trail” in the Cantons forest.

Once the trail’s “gateway” has been discovered, young explorers like you must go down the wooden path between the Calgary and Edmonton trails. You must keep your eyes peeled: Grizzly’s animal friends are there to give you clues to where they think he is hiding.

A reward may await those who are lucky enough to find Grizzly !