When you visit the Water Park with your family, you come to have fun. But, as parents, you may also have concerns about your children’s safety. This is why we have made it our duty to ensure the thorough monitoring of our facility at all times.

All of our aquatic activities are constantly supervised by our qualified team of vigilant lifeguards who are extremely well trained and omnipresent. Here are a few facts about this brigade of dedicated lifesavers who watch over the safety of children and adults.


An effective team

Our team is made up of some 35 full-time lifeguards and almost a dozen part-time lifeguards. There are also approximately 15 full-time assistant lifeguards and a dozen full-time attendants, along with 5 part-time assistant lifeguards and 5 part-time attendants. This adds up to almost 100 employees who cover the summer season.

The team is supervised by 2 team leaders and their 2 assistants. Team leaders plan the lifeguard supervision and take care of administrative duties. They prepare employee schedules, assign tasks to team members and ensure the overall monitoring of the activities of the day. Assistants prepare the site for the next day and provide lifeguards with day-to-day support: they help during interventions, take over monitoring when a lifeguard is delivering care and replace them during their breaks.

Catherine Rivest, Operational Activities and Prevention Coordinator, explains : “It’s probably one of the most physically demanding jobs, since assistants must walk around the Water Park all day long.”

Comprehensive training

To get a job at the Water Park, all lifeguards and assistant lifeguards must complete the following formal training :

  • 30-hour Bronze Cross level offered by the Lifesaving Society and 25-hour Level 1 Bronze Medallion, for a total of 55 hours of training
  • 16-hour first aid training and the National Lifeguard award featuring 20 hours of general instruction and a pool specialization of an additional 20 hours

With 110 hours of instruction under their belts and their certification in hands, aspiring lifeguards are then qualified to work. Once hired at our Water Park, they receive an extra 20 hours of onsite training focused on the methods and procedures specific to our facility. Our team leaders also follow an internal patrol training program that lasts 56 hours.

These last 2 training components are not required by regulations. Here at the Bromont Water Park, we make it a point to ensure that all our lifeguards are highly trained professionals.

 Not only do we want our lifeguards to meet 100% of all required standards,  we also want them to be 200% operational and experienced in order to ensure the highest level of performance.” explains Philippe Rainville, Operational Activities and Prevention Supervisor.

A proven work method

Throughout the season, lifeguards follow ongoing instruction to keep their skills up to date :

  • first-aid practices : 90 minutes per week delivered by team leaders
  • physical fitness : 30 minutes every 2 days

To ensure optimal vigilance and minimize the loss of concentration and alertness, lifeguards are rotated every 45 minutes. Each change is meant to stimulate and promote their attentiveness. Plus, our lifeguards, assistant lifeguards and attendants can be assigned to any role, since all are fully trained to occupy any position in keeping with their employment grade and certification.


Lifeguards are more than just monitors. They care about your safety and are always happy to share their expertise by giving parents and group leaders’ tips and advice on drowning prevention. We are proud to report that we have never had a serious or deadly incident here at our facility.

When you visit our Water Park, you can relax knowing that you and your children are in good hands !