Divertigo, what is that exactly? It is the hebertism module located in the Mont Soleil often compared to "D'Arbre en Arbre". Honestly, this activity is too often underestimated! From a 23 y/o girl, I can assure you that it's a summer must-do, plus it's in the region. We always say the perfect activity with friends or family, but it is really suitable for everyone. The activity is included in your Water Park ticket and has 4 different levels of games and obstacles, it's totally worth the price. As adventurous (and game) as I am, I didn't have the courage to go to the last level... I did this activity some time ago and to this day, I still think about why I didn't try it! I will try again next time, that is for sure. #ego


Many people are thrill seekers or feel the need to get out of their comfort zone and this activity is perfect for challenging themselves with friends. Let's be honest, we all want to look like everything is under control! Between zip lines, climbing wall, giant swing and various suspension bridges, this is where the adrenaline feeling that we say we love so much takes on its full meaning. I didn't have enough time to try out the zip lines and, above all, the freefall simulator. Sitting on the 2nd floor, you can let yourself fall into the void and live the experience all the way to the end!


Divertigo, it's fun, it's funny and it makes great memories in Bromont. Try it, you won't be disappointed! Please, think about be when you get to the 3rd floor and I hope you have enough courage to push your limits a little bit more and reach the 4th floor filled with pride (and maybe vertigo too).

Finish the activity and immortalize it with a photo equipped with your harness and helmet clearly reserved for extreme activities only, Facebook or Instagram will be pleased to remind you of this moment every year.