Each year, Bromont, montagne d’expériences Rental Shop renew its impressive fleet of Rocky Mountain bikes. Whether Enduro, Downhill, Trail, Electric or Junior, it’s a lot of choices and it might be complex to choose which is the good one for someone who wants to discover that sport. Therefore we decided to make a portrait of the bikes available for the rental.  

Before starting, it will be regularly discussed in this article of the different disciplines of the mountain bike :

  • Cross-Country : Most popular and most accessible type of mountain biking. Bikers ride in natural trails in a mountainous environment.
  • Downhill (DH) : Riders take a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain and cycle down.
  • Enduro : Riders raise the mountain by their own using trails specifically adapted and cycle down by the DH trails.  

Also, here are two words regularly used in the next paragraphs. We thought it would be relevant to define them before getting into the subject.

  • Travel : flexibility of the suspension, maximum amplitude of a bike, shock absorption capacity. Varies from 40 mm (Junior) to 200 mm (DH).
  • Geometry : set of components of a bike that defines its shape, its angles and its uses. The geometry of a downhill bike will be different from a touring bike to maximize control, speed, safety, comfort, etc.


Customer: Experienced fan of Downhill
Specially designed for Downhill, the Maiden Park is THE big machine offered at Bromont. Because of the full suspension and a 200 mm travel, it can be defined as a big comfy couch. Its geometry allows experienced users to face the most imposing roots, the biggest rocks, the breathtaking jumps and the drops in complete stability. With the most powerful disc brakes on the market and a carbon frame, the Maiden Park is the ideal bike for DH.


Customer: Beginner to expert
The Altitude is the most polyvalent of all bikes, really. Because it’s comfortable, some users choose to employ it for gravel bike trails or simple trails. Because it has a retractable seatpost and a front travel of 160 mm and a rear travel of 150 mm, some will use it to acquire DH experience. From the bottom to the top of the mountain and from the top to the bottom, this bike will be able to face all the scenarios.  


Customer: Initiated kid
The Reaper is the junior version of the Altitude Enduro. It’s the bike proposed to experimented children. Except for the travel which is smaller, it presents the same characteristics as the adult version.


Customer: Varied – Expert looking for more territory, older person, rider with a chronic problem (articular or muscular), etc.
This bike is the exact copy of the Altitude except that it has a 4-mode electric motor to reduce physical effort required to the cyclist. This bike offers assistance which means it amplifies the power provided by the rider. If the rider doesn't pedal, the bike doesn't move forward. For some, rising to the top of the mountain is quicker on an electric bike than with a chairlift ride. This bike adapts very well to easy to difficult trails.

The electrification of the bicycle has made the sport much more accessible. Customers who have demonstrated an interest in that kind of machine are numerous. Obviously, we find the older client who wants to move without having to give a big physical effort. The bike has also found takers with the athlete who has some chronic joint or muscle problems and for whom the traditional bike was no longer an option. Finally, the expert who has a hunger of discovery and who always wants more has also demonstrated an interest in this electric machine. Due to the integrated engine, it allows the user to multiply the kilometres travelled and the duration of a trip for the same proportion of fatigue at the end of the day.


Customer : Beginner, Intermediate
The Growler is a good model to get initiated to mountain bike. With a simple suspension of 130 mm, it’s ideal for a gravel road and for cross-country, but is not recommended for Downhill. By being lightweight and less shock absorbing, it will be much more pleasant in the small climbs encountered.


Customer: Beginner kid
The Edge is the kid version of the Growler. It is the perfect bike to initiate a child from the age of 3. Because little ones tend to push the brakes when they need them, the disc brakes are replaced by V brakes for smaller and mechanical disc brakes for the taller, a simple security question.


Rocky Mountain offers very good mountain bikes. They are reliable, well built, pleasant to ride and affordable. Therefore, we are happy to offer their bikes to our customers!